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Strategic Grassroots Organizing, Smart Alliances, Coalitions, and Community Relations


Let us help you kick start your issue, legislative, regulatory or brand reputation advocacy campaign.


The right campaign tactic can make the difference between winning and losing. 

      • Strategic Grassroots  We help you meet your organizing challenges by cultivating your grass tops and grassroots allies and mobilizing elected officials. We will recruit advocates that will act on your concerns and interests.
      • Smart Alliances  We get organizations and individuals that believe in your issues to lobby their elected representatives and to make their case to opinion leaders through the media.  These third parties are often the only voices capable of influencing decision makers on the critical issues important to you. We will work with the labor movement to advance your campaign.
      • Lobby The Congressional Hispanic and Black and Progressive Caucuses.
      • Coalitions  We manage coalitions to expand your voice and tell your story.
      • Community Relations  We will integrate communities of color into your campaign, including Latinos and African Americans.
      • Team Players  We quickly mix-in to your communications, government affairs, or community outreach departments, ensuring your campaign moves in lockstep and stays on message for maximum effectiveness.  


      We are the difference between “Astroturf,” artificial grassroots tactics that are ignored, and real public advocacy that delivers results.

      Other public relations and grassroots firms get people to “sign on”. Only Velasquez and Associates have the contacts and experience to get the public, allies, and your targeted patrons to “buy in.”

      Not only do we connect you with real people, we know their interests and values. We care about what they care about. Few organizations have the deep-rooted national and local relationships of the Velasquez team.


      Our team has the experience and expertise you need. 

      Principal Joe Velasquez offers clients years of Washington expertise as a political organizer and legislative strategist. We partner with DC’s premier lobbyists, crisis communication experts, and skilled organizers. 

      Velasquez served as the White House Deputy Political Director for President Bill Clinton and as a leader at the AFL-CIO, directed campaigns, supervised grassroots operations, and ran community service projects.


      When real people speak, leaders listen.  Let us demonstrate how we can help to connect you with real people — who will be powerful advocates for your campaign.

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